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This is my first year as Adjunct Lecturer of Clarinet at Fresno State. I work with wonderful students in various music degree programs to work towards their juries, recitals and personal clarinet goals in and beyond school. Students can find audition information here and should feel free to reach out to me with any specific questions or concerns about applying, the music school and/or clarinet studio. My school email is Let's connect! 


I have been teaching privately for over a decade to students of a wide age range and various levels from beginner to advanced.  I offer 45 or 60-minute lessons, virtual and in person. What I enjoy most about private instruction is the concentrated time dedicated to working each week on student's individual goals and being able to hear and see progress over time as well as watch them believe in themselves.  Often students come to lessons wanting to prepare for an upcoming audition such as band chair placements, regional band and orchestral programs, or for college scholarships. I am always eager to assist and help guide students through these opportunities.  Please contact me here for more information about private lessons. I am currently based in both Fresno and Los Angeles, California for in-person lessons.


I have the wonderful privilege and honor of being a Clarinet Teaching Artist with YOLA and guiding young clarinetists in the south LA neighborhood of Inglewood, CA. As a part of the LA Philharmonic, YOLA is dedicated to serving underprivileged communities and families in the LA area. Music is an experience and opportunity all children should be exposed to and I am humbled to be a part of this special program that provides students with instruments, instruction and community. YOLA is in its 16th year. Click here for more information.


I teach private clarinet and piano lessons to Santa Monica area students at the conservatory. These weekly lessons occur throughout the entire school year with 2 recitals and certificate of merit assessments to track their progress. 30, 45, or 60-minute lessons are available. I enjoy providing my students with supplemental materials as well to help become well-rounded musicians and expand their musical opportunities.  More information can be found here, but feel free to contact me with any specific questions you might have.

                           University of Mississippi Interim Faculty - Fall 2018

In the Fall semester of 2018, I had the invaluable opportunity of teaching the clarinet studio for Dr. Michael Rowlett (current UM Clarinet Professor).  I taught clarinet lessons, studio class, and woodwind methods to students at the University of Mississippi School of Music.  My appointment was for six weeks.  Click here to read about it in the University of Minnesota School of Music newsletter.

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"I enjoyed the fact that Ms. Smith gave me several different ways to fix issues in my etudes such as dynamic control and articulation diversity.  Being able to hear her demonstrate these was very helpful!"

Dylan Hunsucker - Junior, University of Mississippi

“I have always been a timid player, and working with Amelia has made me so much more confident in my abilities. It’s been helpful to hear her demonstrations, then match her sound. She has given me many valuable tools that I can apply to all music. Every week I look forward to my lessons not only because each helps better my musicianship, but also because I get to spend time with Amelia. She is such a positive and passionate person, and I’m lucky to know her!”

Emma Gambach - Senior, Wayzata High School

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